What We Do

Arizona Conservation Partners is a non-traditional, somewhat experimental endeavor in advancing public lands conservation.

We serve as an incubator of sorts for various ad hoc public education and advocacy projects. We generally work behind-the-scenes with individuals and small groups to help develop, test, and refine their ideas.

By providing bootstrapped projects a temporary home while they validate their strategy and evolve their tactics, we can help launch innovative campaigns that might not otherwise see the light of day in other organizations constrained by politics, funders, and organizational momentum.

We also serve as a local advocate on public lands policy and funding issues, adding an additional voice to the public discussion.

Arizona Conservation Partners is currently on hiatus.

Our Projects

Because of our focus on experimental ideas, many of our projects do not include overt public attention. However, a number of Arizona Conservation Partners projects have developed into public campaigns, including:

Lower Salt River stewardship/Alliance of Salt River Paddlers (2020)

This pilot project is an experiment in leveraging popular blog posts into published guidebooks as a way to activate better stewardship for specific public lands areas that are experiencing a big increase in user activity.

Sonoran Insiders (2019-2020)

A collaborative pilot project with the National Forest Foundation, Central Arizona Conservation Alliance, and Tonto National Forest aimed at creating a social media ambassador program to improve user stewardship around metro Phoenix public lands.

Treasured Places (2019-2020)

An ongoing effort to expand appreciation and defense of lesser-known national park units, national monuments, and national conservation areas that are often overlooked by travelers who have goals to visit the “63” National Parks.

Save Our Public Lands (2017-2018)

Through the use of online advocacy toolkits, this effort was focused on generating engagement to oppose a number of anti-conservation measures being proposed at the federal level.

A Monumental Day of Blogging (2017)

We recruited and coordinated 30 outdoor recreation bloggers to publish posts in support of our national monuments on the 111th anniversary of the Antiquities Act. Known as “A Monumental Day of Blogging,” the goal was to reach new audiences and ask them to defend #MonumentsForAll by submitting a public comment during the Trump Administration’s national monuments review.

Arizona State Partnerships Plan for BLM Friends Groups (2015-2016)

This project involved developing a plan and guidebook for improving the important working relationships between US Bureau of Land Management offices and the citizen-led Friends Groups that many of its public lands rely on. The plan was adopted by BLM Arizona with the mandate that field offices and friends groups implement the plan.

Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument (2015)

Arizona Conservation Partners emerged out of an effort to re-launch and expand the role of the friends group for Sonoran Desert National Monument, which had floundered and was closing its doors. In the process, the group re-imagined its role and charted a new direction.

Arizona Conservation Partners is currently on hiatus.


Note: we’re currently not accepting new projects during our hiatus.

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